It’s raining here in southern Louisiana. That means my already partially-flooded campsite is now pretty underwater, and I no longer have a dry way to get in and out of my RV.

I tried to find a coffee shop to work at this morning. The two that were supposed to be near me turned out to not exist. Yay, Slidell! (Slidell is the town across the bridge from New Orleans I’m staying in). I got to a McDonalds instead, whereupon I discovered that Slidell, and in particular the part with the McDonalds I was camped in, was among the least safe places in the entire US. Fun. So at lunch I headed back to the RV for the remainder of the workday. 

Yummy mac & cheese bites! Yummy mac & cheese bites!

After work I drove the 35-minute trip it takes to get across that bridge and into anywhere in New Orleans, and made my way down to the Camellia Grill. It I had some very tasty Mac & Cheese Bites, my first po’ boy (which was pretty good, too), and a “freeze”- a milkshake that includes ice in the ingredients. A very good meal!

The Grill was especially odd for the fact that to get to the bathrooms, you have to walk behind the counter and into the back kitchen. Very strange. 

This is a po' boy. This particular po' boy has thick-sliced roast beef, swiss cheese, grilled onions, and gravy, of all things. This is a po’ boy. This particular po’ boy has thick-sliced roast beef, swiss cheese, grilled onions, and gravy, of all things.

I scootered around a bit after eating, trying to find a way to get to the Mississippi River, which was just one hillside away from me. Unfortunately, it was fenced off and I would have had to go several miles towards downtown to find a way past the fence. So I went home. 

Now that I’m at the southernmost part of the US, and right along the Gulf coast to boot, I don’t have to shell out very much at all to keep my RV heated to a satisfactory temperature. I would say I came out ahead, except it takes an awful lot of propane savings to make up for moving eight tons of truck and trailer nearly 800 miles. In any case, I’m happy about it.