Day -21: Cold Shower is Cold

Now that I have the hot water working in my RV (stupid thing requires a 1-1/16” socket), I took my first shower in the RV.

Showering in an RV is different than showering at home. If you’re not hooked up to a water supply, you need to take “navy” showers: you get yourself wet, then turn the water off. You lather yourself all up, then rinse off all at once. Much more water-efficient, but much less fun than your home shower.

So you find yourself turning the water on and off a lot making this happen. When I was looking for an RV I kept looking down on the RVs that all had the same cheap-looking plastic showerhead. I now see there was a method to the madness: that showerhead has a quick on-off switch on it. So you get your water temperature all set on the knobs, then turn the shower head on and off. Neat!

This is where things get especially interesting: the when you turn the shower head back on after it’s been off for a few minutes, the cold water starts pumping before the hot water does, so you get a nasty surprise splash of frigid water thrown against you for a few seconds until the hot water turns up. What fun.

Worked from home today, which was really nice. The RV is a much more pleasant work environment than my office. Much more cheerful, more relaxing, and I can see more fun stuff.

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