Day -18: The Trials Continue

Today I noticed some water dripping out from under my fridge. I unscrewed the vent below the fridge and looked underneath, but couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from. So I sopped it up. And more came, so I sopped that up. And so on, until I talked to Mom, who clued me in to the possibility that it was a problem with my ice maker. Sure enough, yesterday I had turned it on, and when I turned it off, the water stopped appearing! I would be happy, except for the part where the leaking water seeped under my lynoleum floor and made it bulge. I wonder if I could get that fixed under warranty…

This afternoon the RV started getting colder. And colder. And colder. Eventually I realized I had finally run out of propane! I headed off to the U-Haul store to get it refilled (bad math pictured to the right). Filling both tanks came out to $50. I sure hope I don’t have to pay for that very often! That’s part of why I plan to head south first- I won’t have to worry about fighting freezing temperatures all the time.

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