Day -2: Yay Heat, Boo Packing!

I haven't had heat in my RV for two days. At least I've been at the office, but showering in a 45-degree trailer was pretty cold! I though the pilot light was out, and couldn't figure out how to relight it. Surely that's the issue, right? I mean, I ding one propane tank and it sounds very empty, I ding the other and it sounds less empty, so...

Nope. I refilled one of the tanks and the heat came back :p I also got a new, improved space heater that should do a better job heating the RV. When I keep it in the bedroom, it does a pretty good job of heating things- my thermometer says it's keeping the bedroom at 86, although the space heater's thermometer thinks it's only 74. That's quite a difference!

I saw my mom and brother for breakfast, then spent the rest of the day packing. So much stuff to pack! I tossed a bunch of stuff, stowed a bunch of stuff, and loaded up a bunch of stuff to take to my RV. I don't know where I'm going to put it all yet... Hopefully I'll find places.

Eventually I went to a surprise farewell dinner with a bunch of my friends, which was really nice. :)

I got some replacement fuses so I can use the space heater in the living room area, but when I installed them, the outlets are still out. I need to call the RV shop and figure out what's up.


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