Day -1: Delayed

I planned to move out today. The plan was to go to church one final time to see everyone, then come back to the RV, pack up, and get on the road. Well, while packing yesterday I finally found that concealed carry course certificate that I need to submit for the permit, so I figure I'll stay in town one more day so I can submit it when the sheriff's office opens tomorrow.

That turned out to be a good idea, since I was up until 22:00 packing and still didn't get everything stowed away like I need to move. I haveĀ way more possessions than I have any business owning. I have no idea why I have them all, except every time I look at one I know I shouldn't get rid of it. They aren't, of course, all things that are important to me or anything, just stuff that seems important for day-to-day living. But that makes for a rather packed RV. Especially the kitchen area.

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