Day 0: Away!

I tried to go to get my gun permit today, but wasn't able to- I kept calling the permits person at the sheriff's office, but kept getting her voicemail. I guess she's out for President's day or something. Well, it looks like I'm not going be able to apply for that before I leave. It's time to get on the road, and I'm not sticking around any longer hoping to wrap up any more business than I have to!

I clocked out of work and promptly started stowing away everything that I left out last night. I figured I'd be done and on the road in an hour. Nope! Two and a half hours later, I finally had everything stowed and ready to move. I have no idea where all that time went, I sure don't think I have that much stuff to stow. Tonight I became very convinced that trying to move around after work is the worst idea in the world. Too much to do and too little time to do it leaves me way too hurried and stressed. I would have forgotten half of my steps if I didn't have a departure checklist (yay, checklists!). Only being able to move on days off or on weekends rather hampers how much ground I expected to cover, but so be it.

I got the behemoth back on the road, being very, very careful to stay on the narrow back roads at night, when it's hard to tell where the road and lane boundaries are. Drove a few minutes up the road to meet my mom to exchange a few items I forgot to take and forgot to leave. We said goodbye for the last time (again!) and I got on the freeway.

I got down to Greensboro around 21:00. I was a bit concerned about driving all the way there tonight, since I'm pretty tired, but once I was on the freeway I was fine. My truck does an OK job of towing the RV at freeway speeds. Just don't expect it to accelerate very fast at all. I could probably give it full gas and get a little moor oomph out of it, but nothing close to my normal throttling has any effect.

I hit my first weigh station ever on the way, but they just waved me on by, so I didn't have to stop.

Got to the Greensboro "Campground", learned pull-through spaces are totally amazing, got settled in, and that was that.

Day 0: I'm on my way!

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