Day 1: Good Morning, Greensboro!

It's raining today. I like that. I don't like the wetness, but sometimes I just get tired of everything being so sunny and cheerful and constant, and I'm ready for an overcast/drizzly day to shake things up a bit.

The Internet at the "campsite" is horrible, so I searched the map for nearby coffee shops and headed out.

All of the nearby coffee shops are on the edge of the UNC-G campus, which has that interesting college vibe to it. Odd combinations of junk food restaurants, too many coffee shops, lots of younguns roaming around. Unfortunately, being tear a college campus means the parking situation is pretty bad. That meant that once I found the coffee shops, I had to spend another ten minutes driving around looking for a parking space with more than a 30-minute limit. I wound up around a mile away, and had to break out my scooter to get to the coffee shops. That horrible, horrible scooter, the worst gimmick I can remember every wasting my money on :(

I wanted to go to a place called "Coffeeology", since that would be an amusing place to work for my employer, "Contactology". However, Coffeeology's website lied! They don't open until 11:00! So I had to go across the street to Tate St. Coffee instead.

Worked in the coffee shop until lunch time, then I headed out to find some cool restaurant to hit up. I wound up at Don Japanese, which was a great, if unusual, experience.

I wound up getting a salmon and rice bowl. It came out mere minutes after I placed my order. Except it wasn't just salmon and rice in a bowl- I think they keep the bowls sitting in an oven all day, and dump the food in there when you order. That bowl was sizzling the entire time I was eating. The salmon wasn't even half-done when I got it, so I just let it sit in the bowl while I ate the rice. By the time I got to it, it was cooked perfectly! What a weird lunch.

It was followed up by a complementary desert.

I went to work at Coffeeology for the rest of the afternoon. That was rather nice and uneventful.

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