Day -23: The Adventure Begins

Today was quite the day! Went up Saturday with my mom and my friend Mike to get the RV. When we got up there, they started a three-hour tour (three passengers set sail that day!) of how all the parts of the RV worked, and how to not fail miserably at using something that large and complex. During the tour, we few broken things that they had guys come in to fix, which delayed things little.

Told them I wanted to use the RV tonight night, so they’d need to dewinterize it. Normally, you don’t want to do that when driving in freezing temperatures because, you know, things freeze. But this RV actually has tank heaters that keep the tanks from freezing, so yay! They drain the battery pretty quickly, but we thought the truck would provide enough power while I was driving to run the heaters.

Got the trailer brake installed, took it for a quick spin with the installer to get it tuned, and he was in awe the whole time of how well my truck tows. The transmission downshifts when you apply the brake and everything when the truck is in tow mode. It seems it’s had some non-standard tuning done to the transmission, and the guy says it’s the best tow vehicle he’s ever driven. So yay!

We started going home, and Mike punched the wrong address, so we found ourselves headed straight towards downtown Danville with this giant RV in tow before I thought to stop and check the GPS. that would have been bad!

Got another 10 miles down the road and started smelling rubber. Stopped and found the trailer cable had come unplugged, and I’d been driving those hills without trailer brakes or lights or anything. I was pretty impressed that my truck had stopped the trailer all on its lonesome as well as it did!

I finally got back to Durham, struggled to back the RV into its space at Mom’s church, and found that the truck had not, in fact, provided enough power to the heaters on the way home, and the battery was pretty nearly dead. Couldn’t even run the lights on full brightness! So, knowing that the freeze was setting in, and had been since sometime on the way home, I made a mad dash to get power to the RV to get those tank heaters running. Church was in service, so I couldn’t park over where I could reach their power, so I had to run all the way down to Home Depo to rent a generator.

Finally got it back to the RV and turned it on at around 9pm. Now I knew I’d have to stay there overnight to keep an eye on the generator and make sure it didn’t run out of gas at 4am. So much for a calm, gradual move-in!

Got my new air mattress inflated instead of the crummy mattress that came with the RV, only to discover that a normal mattress provides a lot of insulation that an air mattress doesn’t! And I had forgotten to grab pajamas, so it was a very cold night.

Set my alarm to go out at 4:00am to check the generator gas. Of course it was fine. Why would a generator have the courtesy to at least need refueling if I bothered to get up at 4:00am to check on it?

Turned the generator off in the morning as soon as it got above freezing, and went to church. That was a very stressful night, thinking I’d just ruined my RV. Fortunately, not!

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