Day 3: Goodbye Durham, for the last time

I woke up and promptly got on the road to take care of some business. I drove eastward to Hillsborough to kick off the workday so I could run some final errands in the Triangle. On my "lunch" break, I got some forms notarized, then checked with the DMV on license requirements for towing my trailer. Surprise! Due to a little-publicized change in laws a few years ago, I don't need a Class A license! Yay! That makes me very happy, and drastically reduces how much I have to take care of before leaving NC.

I then drove down to the Durham sheriff's office to apply for the concealed carry permit I procrastinated on applying for since November. It'll take a couple months to process, and I have to come back to Durham to pick up the permit, but at least the process is on its way now, so it'll be ready whenever I'm next back here.

I bid Durham farewell for the last time for some months to come, and drove back to Greensboro, where my shiny new scooter, a Go-Ped Know-Ped, was waiting for me. Eager to test out my new exploration vehicle, I headed to the UNC-G campus to scoot around a bit. It's a very tiny campus, and I quickly found myself well beyond its borders and out in very sketchy territory. Past the normal bars and restaurants and tattoo shops, and out where even tattoo enthusiasts would be scared of the tattoo shops I saw :(

I scooted back towards familiarity and safety, checked out more of the UNC-G campus, and made my way home. My new scooter is, true to the Internet's word, less efficient than my old one, but it's also much more rugged and will accommodate a much more varied range of terrains, and I think that's going to be a well-worthwhile tradeoff in the year to come.

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