Day 5: I Hate Driving

I slept in a little bit today, then packed up and left Greensboro, and North Carolina, behind for a while. It took me two hours to be ready to go. I have no idea where that time keeps going, but I'm tired of departure taking so long. The engineer in me is crying out to streamline the process and wake it more efficient.

My target is New Orleans. Atlanta is the only big city between here and there, and it's positioned optimally for me to stay the night there. Unfortunately... Atlanta... I'm going to drive for two days just because I want to skip over Atlanta that badly.

I got on the road. And stayed on the road. And drove. Eventually I had to get gas, because I had the blight idea to hitch up my RV before filling up. Turns out the BP I went to wasn't big enough to accommodate my RV, so I unhitched it while I got gas.

332 miles down the road I found myself in Atlanta, very tired and ready to stop. Driving fatigues me, and can often frustrate me. It's not a very pleasant thing for me, and hitting Atlanta's notoriously-bad traffic at the end of a long day sure didn't help anything.

I puled into a truck stop to stay the night. Somehow I'd gotten the impression that that was common enough for RVs to do, but there wasn't a single other RV there, and the woman at the counter said it was very rare.

It was a challenge getting into the narrow, semi-sized space. I found a trucker to help back me in, which was tremendously helpful. I got a kick out of him saying "yeah, the smallest trailers are always the hardest to back in". Everyone I know things my rig is enormous, and he thinks it's small.

I walked across the highway to get pizza from what used to be a gas station, but is now a building divided into a tire shop and a pizza place. They had a very tasty calzone!

I bought a cup of eggs at one of my rest stops I bought a cup of eggs at one of my rest stops

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