Day 6: Finally, Unfamiliar Territory!

I left the truck stop early today to get on the road, since I had even more driving ahead of me today than I did yesterday. I followed I-65 down to I-10, where I turned West onto the interstate I expect to follow clear out to the West coast.

Stopped at a Taco Bell in Montgomery, Alabama for lunch. There was a peculiar woman working there; anytime the door signaled someone had entered, she said "welcome to Taco Bell". That's not unusual- well, I guess it is, but the really unusual part was that she paid no attention to who had come in. Twice she greeted her coworkers that way, without even realizing that she had done so. Once, she mistook the fry buzzer for the doorbell and also didn't realize it! It was quite amusing.

Added to this woman's peculiarities was the fact that she had neatly stacked all of the sauce packets in their bins. When working at Hardee's, long ago, I did the same thing once with the ketchup. I very quickly learned that there are an awful lot more packets in those bins than I had anticipated, and I never wasted that much time again.

As usual, I ordered nachos. The picture showed them like I've always had them- a package of chips, and a cup of cheese. Not so here: they were actually nachos.

After departing from Montgomery, I spent an awful long time in the middle of nowhere, with freeway exits so scarce that cars hopped the ditch/median and dove into oncoming traffic when they needed to pull a U-turn. I stopped for gas at a desolate gas station that really only existed to support a middle-of-nowhere casino (they even advertised casino shuttles).

I drove on the rest of the day, eventually reaching New Orleans and parking.

After settling in, I went in search of dinner. Turns out there's this thing called the French Quarter, where the whole northern quadrant of the city is made up of a French community that only keeps their businesses open weekdays from 9-5, with no second shifts. That made finding a Sunday evening dinner difficult. After trying four different restaurants, I finally found a bar that was open, and grabbed some mediocre grilled cheese.

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