Day 2: Everybody Do the Parking Shuffle!

I went to downtown Greensboro to do my work today. "Yay", parking meters...

I tried to go to the Green Burro faux-Mexican restaurant for lunch, but they were closed. I did see the owner, and asked him where I should eat instead. He said his highest recommendation was the M'Coul's pub downstairs. I was tempted to have their fish & chips until I saw they served "manwings". Well, that's a challenge I couldn't leave alone!

They were OK wings- decent flavor, decent spice. Most of the restaurant staff gave funny looks and oddly-clipped speech the whole time I was there. Except the cook. It was very weird.

The toilets in the coffee shop I worked at were very weird- no flushing handles. Instead, you pulled a coat hanger that was tied around the thing the handle normally pulls. Very weird.

I have already learned that although coffee shops may be an acceptable place to get work done, I do not enjoy spending enough money in them to feel like I'm not infringing on their business. Coffee shops rely on feeling bustling, but not crowded, to stay in business, and they rely on very high turnover because they need to drive a high volume of sales to get their net profits up to acceptable ranges. For these reasons, it's impolite to work all day in one while only ordering, say, one small beverage. I like to be courteous and help make up some of the revenue they expect from the seat I'm filling, but I don't look forward to spending that much money every day.

After work I had what was supposed to be the best Mexican food in Greensboro, from a place called San Luis. It was pretty OK, but not excellent. I was pleased that they gave me a very generous helping of queso dip in my take-out order, though.

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