Day 20: Sadness

I woke up, preparing to go to South by Southwest. I've wanted to go for years, and by sheer coincidence, I planned to head into Austin the week it kicked off. Awesome!

I went to their website to see where to show up. It said something about registration. It had always sounded like one of those things that happens downtown and you just show up. Well, that's OK, I'll go register. Well, this is their pricing tier:

Yeah, that's totally not happening. Very sad :(

So I grabbed lunch at P. Terry's Burger Shack, an "Austin classic", and headed home. The food was pretty good. Lots of places here cook their fries in canola oil, which comes out pretty tasty!

I started getting a really weird noise with my truck yesterday, and absolutely atrocious gas mileage, so I enlisted the guy who runs the RV park for help. It seems he grew up in a mechanic family, fixing anything and everything that had wheels. We tried some things, speculated on some things, crawled around looking at things, and now he's off doing research for what might be the problem. Hopefully it'll get resolved easily :(

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