Day 16: A Night on the River, Then a Night on the Futon

In the middle of the night, my air mattress started leaking. Fortunately it has an inflation motor built in, so I just rolled over and twisted the knob for a minute, then went back to sleep. Then woke up and repeated the process two more times.

After work I tried to find the leak, but was unsuccessful. The Internet recommended putting the mattress in a bathtub and looking for bubbles. I don't have a bathtub (only a shower), so instead I used the community pool, to no avail. I got a spray bottle of soapy water from the manager, but that didn't help me either.

I took the mattress back inside and started inflating it and noticed soap bubbles form around the motor. Success, I though! So I wrapped those seams in duct tape, but the mattress still leaks :( These things are supposed to wear out after a year or two of full-time use, not under two months.

In the meantime, I do have my futon to sleep on. First, though, I needed to wash the cover, since I don't know where it was before I bought the RV. It turns out that futon is very heavy- I estimate around 300 pounds. And manhandling that around enough to get the cover off and back on again was quite a chore.

While the cover was washing, I went down to what's supposed to be one of the best Mexican restaurants in town, El Gato Negro. It's right down in that very same two blocks I keep parking at for every meal I ever eat, right by the French Market.

The food was pretty good. They brought me a very weird variety of queso dip- very fancy, wich whole jalapeño slices in it and everything. The waitress was constantly confused about what I wanted the entire time, but everything turned out OK.

El Gato Negro had no public restrooms, so after eating I found a jazz nightclub to walk into and use the restroom in. They had an attendant inside, but not just the normal "I mop up after you" sort of attendant. He had a whole little candy basket thing going on, and when you walk out of the stall he squirts the soap into your hand, and while you're washing he sets a washcloth on your shoulder to dry with. Very fancy!

I left the jazz club and wandered around a bit. Stumbled across a pretty neat jazz band (Vernon Severin) and got one of their CDs.

Went over to that river outlook by Cafe du Monde, then crossed over to the Riverwalk, a sidewalk that runs a little ways along the riverfront. I went down, stuck a toe in the Mississippi just to say I did, then sat along the rocky shore and Interneted while enjoying the city skyline for a while.

Here's that overlook Here's that overlook Who names their kid 'Moon'? Who names their kid 'Moon'? Here's the French Market at night. Never did manage to get there during the daytime when it was open.  Here's the French Market at night. Never did manage to get there during the daytime when it was open.

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