Day 68: Look, it's a staircase!

Today I went to historic Santa Fe to see a mythical staircase that's actually not so mythical. But whatever.

The first thing I learned about historic Santa Fe is parking is terrible. Lots of tiny, one-way streets with little opportunity for streetside parking, and not much in the way of packing decks.

The second thing I learned about historic Santa Fe is traffic patterns are weird. I was driving along, looking around for parking and looking at the sights, when a couple of bicycle cops started driving at me, holding their hands up and blowing their whistles. Turns out i__n the middle of the road, the traffic direction changed from one way west to one way east, and I was supposed to have turned at a side street. Yeah, that's not cool, Santa Fe.

So I find somewhere to park a mile out from my destination (once again grateful for my scooter), and headed towards the Loretto Chapel.

The chapel has long-since been decommissioned for religious purposes, and is now strictly a tourist attraction.

This bazaar was running outside the chapel. Nothing interesting- just a bunch of the American Indian styled goods (bead necklaces, etc.) that New Mexico seems to love.

I went inside the chapel, paid my $3 entrance fee, and found it considerably smaller than it looked from the outside. On the plus side, they did have a very elaborate, ornate centerpiece for the stage. Large parts look to be marble, with some of the detail work and last supper scene being plaster.

And now comes the staircase! It's supposed to be special because it doesn't have a center pole or anything holding it up, just the floor and the ledge it leads up to.

It was a staircase. Underwhelming.

Also, there was this creepy Jesus statue that was staring straight at you if you sit in the right spot.

I wandered around a bit, grabbed pizza at a place so tiny and dull that it's not even worth posting a picture of, and that was that!

![](/squarespace_images/static_51257568e4b001d57f7b2d0b_51257673e4b001d57f7b3133_51aaad10e4b0a554a774b0f7_1370139924532__img.jpg) ![](/squarespace_images/static_51257568e4b001d57f7b2d0b_51257673e4b001d57f7b3133_51aaad32e4b08b27fbc0186c_1370139955779__img.jpg) ![](/squarespace_images/static_51257568e4b001d57f7b2d0b_51257673e4b001d57f7b3133_51aaad67e4b08c2bc46f62c7_1370140010613__img.jpg) ![](/squarespace_images/static_51257568e4b001d57f7b2d0b_51257673e4b001d57f7b3133_51aaad54e4b013f5da4a5343_1370139991852__img.jpg) ![](/squarespace_images/static_51257568e4b001d57f7b2d0b_51257673e4b001d57f7b3133_51aaad90e4b08c2bc46f62e4_1370140051680__img.jpg)
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