A Framework laptop success story

I was recently on my way out the door when I knocked over a glass of water, spilling it across my Framework laptop. I panicked and tried to dab it up, but saw that water had seeped under the keyboard and was leaking out the bottom of the laptop. The screen began to flicker.

I held down the power button and began disassembling the laptop. In minutes I had the laptop in pieces and ran a hair dryer over it. Water had gotten into many nooks and crannies; every time I tilted the unit a new direction water ran out from somewhere I had missed.

I dried up all the water I could spot, and left the unit open to air out for about 24 hours.

The next morning I put it back together and it works fine!

I don't think I'd have been so lucky with other laptops I've owned. They've all been difficult to open, or purposely designed to keep users out. I'd have been at the mercy of however well they drain, with little assurance of when (or if) it was safe to power them on again.

My Framework was trivial to open, even while stressed and anxious, and I had the comfort of knowing that if it did break, I'd probably only have to replace the mainboard, and not the whole laptop.

disassembled laptop