Neurodivergence has trade-offs

I give 100% effort. But I have no sense of moderation – I'm on or off.

I can do great work when I care about something. But if I don't, I can barely work at all.

I don't take credit for work that wasn't mine. But I can't feel work satisfaction just because I'm in the same team or company as the person who did something cool.

I can understand some things very clearly and deeply. But I can't believe something or change my mind just because someone insists I should.

I can do excellent work when I understand the assignment in detail. But when I don't, I can't even get started.

I have very broad interests, and can get excited about many subjects. But I can't stay focused on any one subject very long.

I aspire for my work to be excellent. But I'm inflexible, opinionated, stubborn, and the pickiest eater you'll ever meet.

Every neurodivergent trait that makes me stronger also makes me weaker. A coin with two sides. But sometimes people don't understand that; they imagine that their own capabilities are a baseline that I can just add my own strengths on top of.

My weaknesses are an integral part of me. You can't have half of the coin.