Day -22: Where's My Water?

I returned to my RV after church to try to figure out why I still didn’t have any water, even after giving everything lots of time to thaw. Mike come back to help, since he’s done enough RVing to have an idea what to look for. After lots of crawling around and flipping levers and stuff, we finally figured out that the whole problem was the RV wasn’t level, and the water level was low enough that it was all sloshed over to the side of the tank opposite the pump intake :p

So, with the water working, we spent quite a while backing the RV over closer to the church building so I could hook up the power. Got the rest of everything working, and spent the night again, this time much less stressfully. Working from “home” in the RV today, too.

I have a high-powered wifi dongle (ALFA AWUS036NHR) that’s helping me get internet right now. Still gotta get a fancy high-gain antenna for it, though.

The last couple of days were a lot busier than I expected, Pretty busy, but I can finally relax now. I’m slowly getting settled in, and getting everything I need to live moved over.

The adventure begins!

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