Day -20: Backing Up is Hard

Mom’s pastor told me they need the parking spaces I took up for their Sunday and Wednesday services. Since I can’t reach power anywhere else in the parking lot, and it’s getting time to dump my tanks anyway, I decided it was time to find a proper RV park to go to for a little while.

I figured I could do all the moving over my lunch break. It’s 30 minutes of driving, and how long could it take to pack up enough to get going? Yeah… it took a little over two hours to get back to work :(

After taking far longer than expected to get the RV ready to move, I got on the road. I slowly, lumberingly drove through the winding back roads of the outskirts of Durham to get to the RV park. And promptly missed my turn. After spending a full minute folling a bicyclist I couldn’t pass without shoving my 7-ton-self into the wrong lane of a blind turn on a hill, I finally found a church packing lot to turn around in. There was a car sitting in the optimal turn-around spot, so I tried another. And promytly got myself very stuck. It probably took me twenty minutes to get myself back out, during which I made things a lot worse before I made them better.

I also found out why my trailer brake was undone on the way back from Danville- if I turn a corner too tightly, the cable gets taught and pops out. Mystery solved! And problem discovered :(

As you would expect, while I was stuck, that other car left, making it trivial for me to turn around once I freed myself.

I got to the RV park, grabbed a space, and got the park owner very frustrated with my lousy backing-up skills as he tried to direct me into the space.

I unhitched and got back to work as fast as I could, not wanting to have to make up any more time than I needed to. I didn’t pop my slides out yet, since I parked too close to a tree, and there isn’t room to. I’ll pop them out after I rearrange my trailer.

Returned after seeing a nice musical about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and spent the night.

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