Day -19: RVing is Hard

It rained last night. That is very noisy on my big, flat roof with my thin plastic vent covers.

Today, in the middle of my shower, I finally ran out of water. I wasn’t sure what was happening at first, except that the water pressure was slowly getting lower… and lower… and lower…

After finishing the rest of my morning routine, I went outside to fill up my tank. My RV has two ways to get water: you can stick a hose in the water tank and fill it up occasionally, or you can stick a hose into a nozzle and let the RV draw water straight from the spiget. The latter is obviously preferable, because it’s zero-maintenance. Unfortunately, I found out my nozzle is old enough that time and varying temperatures have warped it so it doesn’t seal properly any more, ruling that option out :(

After refilling my water tank, I hooked the truck back up to the RV and leveled it out. For left/right axis levelling, this involves pulling the RV forward about 6 feet, the length of my two wheels, putting a board where the wheels go, backing up onto the board, seeing if I’m level, and changing out for a different board if I’m not. This is quite the hassle if you’re RVing alone, because you have to keep getting out of the truck to swap boards and make sure you placed them such that you actually drive onto them, and not mostly onto them, or not onto them at all.

Eventually I got the RV leveled. The front-to-back levelling required raising the RV up high enough that I was concerned about the strength of the levelling jacks. That turned out to be fine, though.

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