Day -5: I Finally Fixed my Stupidity!

So last Sunday was an adventure. Mom’s wanted me to help her pick up 13 new doors for her house for a while now, but time has been tight. I needed to get that done before I drove off and took the truck away from her, though, so Sunday was the day.

Before getting the doors, Mom helped me reinforce the very wobbly table my RV came with. It was in danger of falling over and never getting back up, but now it’s very solid. Yay!

To get those doors, I needed to get the 5th-wheel hitch out of my truck bed so I could carry them. No problem, I thought! The RV dealer told me it’s a quick-release hitch, so it should come off and on easily enough. lolnope! It took 45 minutes of hammering and yanking and pushing and kicking to get that thing off. And once I was done getting the doors, I couldn’t get it back on!

Fast forward to today and I took my truck to the mechanig to have them put the hitch back on. Turns out it’s not really very quick-release. When you pull a trailer around, it twists the hitch a bit, wedging the bolts tight into places that make them not pop out easily. What I’m supposed to do is use a breaker bar to loosen them up before trying to take the hitch out, and then use the bar to put the hitch back in. I placed an order for a breaker bar on Amazon, and promptly became disappointed as I realized that puts the kibosh on any plans of wheeling a scooter or small motorcycle into the truck bed :(

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