Day 8: Bouncy Child!

Went back to uptown for dinner. Hit up the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, just because it was a very "wat." sounding restaurant. It was actually really good!

I had some ciabatta and four-cheese pizza, and it was really tasty!

Afterwards I scootered around a little, and heard some jazz playing. Since seeing authentic New Orleans jazz is an important part of why I came to the city, I followed it to see where it was coming from.

Turns out it wasn't a jazz theater restaurant thingy like I was expecting, but a streetside jazz band performing for change. They were really good, and it was a lot of fun watching them play. The most fascinating part was that some random kid walked up with his trumpet, and they invited him in and started showing him the songs. What a cool culture!

They had this guy in a weird suit dancing around around, and they blocked traffic and nobody cared. A pretty large crowd gathered to watch them by the end.

And who could forget this adorable bouncing child. I'm sure he's been around this band since he was born, and be-bopping is what he thinks is exactly what you're supposed to do with music. He's probably not even conscious of the fact that he's doing it!

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