Day 14: No casino, Chinese Food Instead

I've been told several times I should go down to the Harrah's casino. Armed with $20 to blow on it, I was prepared to go just or the novelty of it, and see if they had a good casino restaurant. Well, that lasted until I found out Harrah's is a chain, which sucked the novelty right out of it.

Armed with a newfound desire to keep that $20, I looked up Chinese restaurants instead. I found a place that was very highly rated (the great part of a giant city like New Orleans is all the decent restaurants have 500 reviews), so I headed off to Five Happiness.

Turns out Five Happiness is two buildings, one on each side of a side street. Pictured left is what I presume is their party building. That, being the larger, shinier building, is where I tried to get into first. But it was locked :(

Realizing that I was not in the right place at all, I looked around and saw the place across the street. I went in, grabbed my plate, and ordered some food.

It was pretty good stuff! I was especially pleased that, unlike many places in Raleigh, the sesame chicken didn't taste like it was just dipped in flavored corn syrup. The pot stickers vere very good, too.

I wound up with enough food to take home and have a complete second meal. Yay!

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